Looking for a way to participate in Media Literacy Week?



Break-a-thon events are perfect introductions for youth about how, why and for whom media are made.

Want to take on an election full of “truthiness”?  Then you might just be ready to break the media and change the message with The LAMP’s Break-a-thon in a Box toolkit!

Hosting a break-a-thon is a great way to get involved in Media Literacy Week 2016 by getting your friends and students together to remix and talk back to media messages. The LAMP’s free Break-a-thon in a Box toolkit has everything you need to put together an event for a group of anywhere from 5-50 people, whether in your home, school or community center. This is also the perfect activity to explore coverage of the presidential campaigns, which will come to a head just in time for this year’s Media Literacy Week from October 31 through November 4.

Based on The LAMP’s successful events like Break the Super Bowl, Break the Video Music Awards, Break the Movie Trailer and others, Break-a-thon in a Box provides easy, step-by-step instructions and support for hosting your own fun-filled, inspiring event. Join the thousands of other educators nationwide and  get Break-a-thon in a Box right now!

Free Screening Opportunities for Media Literacy Week

NAMLE and Big Picture Educational Consulting invite you to host your own “Political Party,” with a community or school screening of short films from the new anthology We the Voters: 20 Films for the People. We the Voters is a mix of documentary, narrative, and animated films that focus on nonpartisan issues related to voting, democracy, elections, and US governance, with accompanying educational materials developed by PBS Education.

A “Political Party” screening can be designed many ways – a large community event, a smaller classroom-size gathering, a house party – and ideally allows for both viewing and discussion. All of the films and materials will be available for free, including discussion guides, information about how to host a screening, and resources for keeping audience members engaged afterwards. Organizing your own screening of We the Voters during Media Literacy Week is a great way to help inform your local community, motivate people around the country to exercise their right to vote, and raise awareness about media literacy education.

If you’d like to host your own “Political Party” screening, click here.

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Inspired by Canada’s Media Literacy Week each year, U.S. Media Literacy Week launched in 2015. Canadian Media Literacy Week is an annual event that takes place every November. Co-lead by MediaSmarts and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation, the week puts a spotlight on the importance of digital and media literacy as a key component in the education of children and young people.

Working with Canadian schools, libraries, and educational associations and organizations, Media Literacy Week participants seek to inspire a leap in Canadians’ thinking towards media education as an important – and innovative – approach towards creating thoughtful, engaged and informed young people.

The official theme of Canada’s Media Literacy Week 2016 is Makers and Creators, celebrating the ways parents and teachers can help young people become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial by embracing media production, remixing, maker and DIY culture and coding.

For information, resources and upcoming events for this year’s week, visit their Media Literacy Week website.