Thursday, November 9

UNAOC PLURAL+ Awards & Festival


6:oo PM ET

United Nations Headquarters
1st Avenue & 46th Street
New York, NY 10017

Presentation of youth-produced videos on migration and the prevention of xenophobia.

Twitter: @pluralplus

Media Girls

#MGMakeover: Social-Media Challenges


Teen participants from MEDIAGIRLS share online a series of weekly social-media challenges to inspire girls to use social media for positive change. Girls everywhere can join our challenges, along with our participants, and post their reflections online. MEDIAGIRLS aims to transform social media as a breeding ground of insecurity for girls, to a space where girls support and inspire one another.

New York Institute of Technology

Panel Discussion: The role of Media and Information Literacies in Higher Education

Featured panelists: Belinha De Abreu, John Hanc, Kevin Horton, Danielle S. Apfelbaum

12:30 PM ET

3rd Floor Conference Room
Wisser Library
Old Westbury, NY 11568

Old Westbury and also through Zoom

Symposium and Women’s Hackathon on Diversifying Artificial Intelligence

West Virginia University

West Virginia University
Media Innovation Center
Morgantown, WV 26506

Join us at a Symposium and Women’s Hackathon on Diversifying Artificial Intelligence at West Virginia University’s Media Innovation Center on November 9-11, 2017.

Our goal is to give women from colleges and universities across the US a deep dive into the current state, problems, and opportunities facing AI and offers a series of creative exercises and fast-paced activities for teams to brainstorm solutions for a more inclusive AI that meets the future needs of a diverse society.

Media Literacy Panel

Jacob Burns Film Center

JBFC Media Arts Lab
405 Manville Road
Pleasantville, NY 10570

This inspiring event explores how the JBFC’s Image, Sound, and Story media literacy curriculum connects to Media Literacy concepts. Participants will leave with new resources and strategies to connect Image, Sound, and Story content to students’ media consumption outside of school.

Twitter: @jbfc_ny; Instagram: @jbfc_pville

Educate.Today Presents: Media Literacy in the Age of Social Media 


10:30 AM CT

Ritenour High School
9100 Saint Charles Rock Road
Saint Louis, MO 63114

As part of Media Literacy Week, join us to explore different aspects of media literacy in the age of social media. Three different programs of the day will target elementary, middle school, and high school audiences separately, all of them focused on the big picture question: How do we know what is real?

Each program will explore our big picture question in a variety of ways. This document provides information on the program targeted to elementary students. For our elementary program, our focus will be on determining facts from opinion, how to recognize each, and how to offer each to others. Our expert panelists will share information on the topic and answer student questions on the subject. We’ll invite schools joining us to share examples of online articles or posts dealing with facts and online articles or posts presenting opinion as models for others to discuss and evaluate, and we’ll invite all audience members to participate in activities to help us determine fact from opinion and an author or speaker’s purpose.

For information on our middle school and high school programs, please read those documents separately. More details on the elementary focused program are provided in the Program Format section later in this document.

How To View the Program:
People can join the program live in any of three ways:

1. Via videoconference–We have interactive and view only videoconference slots available for student groups to join the program. Groups interested in connecting this way can do so via a h.323 unit at their facility or through desktop VC software, such as Zoom, Vidyo, Skype, etc. We will need to test your connection using the IP address you’d use to connect on the program day. Interactive slots get face to face question and answer time with the program guests; view only slots can e-mail questions and comments during the program to These slots are limited and fill quickly so early enrollment is highly recommended. For videoconference participation, enrollment will open on October 6 and end on November 1. If you’d like to join us, contact us at

2. Via Internet–All our live, interactive programs are streamed live via our Educate.Today website, on the program day and our sister station For our Media Literacy programs on November 9, just go to either home page at the program time, and the program will run at the top of that page. In order to participate in the live chat or send us e-mail questions via the interface on our home page at, you will need to create a user ID and login.

Since many schools limit streaming video through their firewalls, we recommend testing your ability to view the stream prior to the program by watching any of our video resources at Educate.Today. We also recommend viewing the program live on one computer only and connecting that computer to a television, digital projector, electronic whiteboard, etc. for classroom viewing.

Viewers can e-mail their questions and comments during the program via the interface on the Educate.Today home page or by e-mailing us at To receive curriculum materials designed to help you prepare your students for the program, just e-mail us up to the day before the program at

3. Via Television–All our programs are available in the St. Louis metropolitan area on HEC-TV, Charter Communications digital channels 989 or 118-26. All our programs can also be seen on AT&T’s U-Verse channel 99. Students viewing in this way can e-mail their questions during the program to To view the show live on the program day, just turn on your TV to the appropriate channel at the scheduled time.

For Internet and TV viewing, there is no enrollment deadline date. We would appreciate knowing the time of the program you are watching and the grade level and amount of students involved, so we can forward that information to our program partners. Such information is extremely helpful in securing funding for more free, interactive, educational programs in the future. To let us know you’re viewing the program or to answer any additional questions about the program, please contact us at
Archival Viewing:
Can’t join us live? No problem! All Educate.Today live programs are archived on our Educate.Today website ( for on-demand viewing at any time. Archives are usually up and running about a week after the program’s original airdate.

Program Objectives:
For our elementary age program, students will:
• be able to determine a fact from an opinion.
• be able to write a fact and opinion.
• identify author’s or speaker’s purpose (to entertain, to inform, to advertise, to persuade).

Panel Discussion: Fake News


12:00 PM ET

IUPUC, Summerville Room
4601 Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 47203


Social Media Campaign and Twitter Discussion

Journalism Education Association


We’re still finalizing details, but we’d like to do a public awareness campaign and use our various social media channels, as well as national leaders from JEA in media literacy, educational initiatives, and curriculum development along with our publications and PR director and our professional outreach director.

@jeapresident @nationalJEA
Instagram: @journalismeducation

HEC-TV: Media Literacy in the Social Media Age

Gateway Media Literacy Partners

8:30 AM ET

Ritenour High School

HEC-TV will be partnering with Ladue High School’s broadcasting class for three live, interactive educational programs (elementary, middle, and high school), ʺMedia Literacy in the Social Media Ageʺ hosted by Emmy Award Winning Journalist, Paul Schankman.

The programs will be broadcasting live from Ritenour High School and Ladue High School broadcasting students will be joining us on site with their award winning, multimedia instructor, Don Goble, who will be joining the expert panel with GMLP board member Natasha Casey.

Twitter: @gmlpstl

LISD Media Literacy Workshop

Eric Rasmussen

1:00 PM CT

Lubbock, TX

Media literacy workshop for district administrators and PTA leadership.