Friday, November 4

Media Literacy Week 2016 officially launches on Tuesday, September 6. This section will be updated on a regular basis as information is flowing in each and every day. Continue to check back for more events and activities updates.

6th Annual Symposium on Digital Ethics

Loyola University

Chicago, IL

Keynote speaker Lilie Chouliaraki, author of The Spectatorship of Suffering and Professor of Media and Communications at The London School of Economics.

Media Education Summit

John Cabot University

Rome, Italy

Each year the Media Education Summit brings together a global network of media educators and media literacy practitioners to share research, pedagogy and innovation on all aspects of media education, media literacy education and media/technology in education.

Keynote addresses/workshops are confirmed from Yoko Akama, Sonia Livingstone, Jad Melki, and Mark Readman. Participatory workshops will be run by Yoko Akama on research methods and Antonio Lopez on youth media activism.

Presenters will be invited to submit their work to a special co-edition of the Media Education Research Journal and the Journal of Media Literacy Education.

Mind Over Media: Is propaganda beneficial or harmful?

Media Education Lab

3:00 PM EDT

Providence, RI

In this webinar, Dr. Renee Hobbs, Professor of Communication Studies, will introduce the pedagogy of MindOverMedia.TV – a new platform designed to promote analysis and reflection on current propaganda from around the world.

YouthLearn Celebrates Media Literacy Week

Education Development Center

Chicago, IL

Throughout Media Literacy Week, the YouthLearn initiative at the Education Development Center will lead an outreach campaign to promote media literacy. The YouthLearn team has been working for over 15 years on youth media programs geared at training informal and formal educators. Our website hosts a collection of resources and stories from the field on all aspects of youth media, including media literacy. Our outreach campaign will feature interviews with educators on the role of and importance of media literacy, as well as the promotion of curriculum and resources for educators looking to incorporate media literacy into their teaching practice.

Media Studies Inaugural Photography Competition and Exhibit

Appalachian State University

3:30 PM EDT

Boone, NC

Throughout Media Literacy Week, the Reich College of Education will bring attention to critical issues related to media, culture, and the creative mind through a number of course-based events, such as critical conversations related to literacy and liberty, the affect of production effects, and value of creative media-making. In culmination of this important week, we will celebrate the winners of our first Media Studies Photography Competition and Exhibit with our opening reception on Friday, November 4.

Education License Discounts on Media Literacy Curriculum Materials

The Representation Project

Ross, CA

In celebration of Media Literacy Week, please enjoy a 25% discount on educational licenses for Miss Representation (a documentary focused on media literacy and under-representation of women in positions of power and influence) and other accompanying curriculum for K-12th grade and universities. The discount code MEDIALIT2016 is active through the end of the year.

#xomg Social Media Campaign!


Brookline, MA

#xomg is a fun and easy campaign that allows anyone with social media to strike back against the mass media’s message that insists a girl’s self-worth depends on how “hot” and skinny she can be. It’s also a chance to celebrate inspiring “feel-good” content. The “x” is for “no way;” the “o” is for “circle-worthy because you love it;” and the “mg” is for “MEDIAGIRLS,” so we can find each others’ posts.

Emerging Citizens Workshop: Media Literacy Week!

Engagement Lab @ Emerson College

2:00 PM EDT

Boston, MA

Join the Engagement Lab for a workshop on “Emerging Citizens“- our newest suite of digital and media literacy games!  Each Emerging Citizens game encourages students to engage with culturally and politically relevant topics that affect their daily lives while focusing on a specific 21st digital modality (Hashtags, Memes, and Hyperlinking).

Our workshop will focus on how game-based interventions fit within the larger context of digital and media literacy discourse, particularly the risks and rewards of student-powered conversation through content creation. As one of our first beta tester groups, your input on implementation for classrooms, community groups, and after-school programs will be tremendously valuable

Pizza will be provided, followed by the beta-test and a feedback session.

Promoting Critical Thinking Skills and Expressive Language Through Media Literacy: A Workshop for Early-Childhood Educators

Gateway Media Literacy Partners

9:00 AM CDT

St. Louis, MO

Internationally-known media literacy education strategist Dr. Faith Rogow of Insighters Education helps people learn from media and one another and is an expert on technology in early childhood. Join us at the St. Louis Public Library Schlafly Branch to learn how to be better media literacy educators in early childhood settings and how to be a media mentor to parents.

This workshop is presented by Mind Full of Words, a PNC Foundation funded partnership mindful of the importance of vocabulary development at an early age.

Moms for Media Literacy Luncheon


1:30 PM CDT

Morris, IL

Our goal is to bring media literacy deeper into the communities that need it most. This luncheon is an opportunity for those in attendance to have a conversation about how we can do this together. By invitation only.

Media Literacy Week Celebration

Belfast Free Library

2:30 PM EDT

Belfast, ME

In celebration of Media Literacy Week, young adults are invited join us in The Abbott Room to watch clips from Merchants of Doubt and join the conversation with media literacy expert, Alan Berry. There will also be opportunity to play with LAMP’s MediaBreaker Studio and remix your own commercials.
National Eating Disorders Association  (NEDA) and Proud2Bme USA
The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)’s youth outreach community at California State University, Northridge — Proud2Bme_CSUN (a community engagement project in the Journalism Department) — invites students, educators, health practitioners, and media professionals to participate in our second annual Facebook Challenge. Teens and young adults are often targeted with deceptive media imagery, and we’re encouraging them to take an active role in highlighting the meaning behind the message. Every day during National Media Literacy Week, we will post a new media image on the Proud2Bme Facebook page for you to analyze the image’s message and discuss its purpose, underlying meaning, how different people might interpret the message, and consider the tactics used to achieve its goal. After you post at, talk about it on social media: #MediaLitWk @MediaLiteracyED #Proud2Bme @Proud2BmeUS

A Media Literacy Week SHOUTOUT to Alicia Keys

Join our Celebrity SHOUTOUT to Alicia Keys for advocating no make-up to uncover her authentic self. Sick of the public’s ideal standard of female beauty and “how much women are brainwashed into feeling like we have to be skinny or sexy or desirable or perfect,” she said, “I don’t want to cover up anymore. Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.”

Celebrities are a face of the media culture and play a key role in setting standards of attractiveness. When they speak out against these ideal standards of perfection, we need to support them and advocate for body positivity. Check out the Get REAL! Digital and Media Literacy Toolkit for more ways to SHOUTOUT. @aliciakeys #MediaLitWk @MediaLiteracyED @Proud2BmeUS

Tech Help Walk-In Hours

Norfolk Community Television

1:oo PM PM EDT

Norfolk, MA

This year, NCTV will be hosting two sessions of walk-in tech help, starting a new technology class at the local senior center, hosting a media literacy workshop, and screening This is Media at our studio. We’re so excited to participate in Media Literacy Week again this year!

Emerging Citizens Workshop: Media Literacy Week!

The Engagement Lab

2:00 PM EDT

Boston, MA

Each Emerging Citizens game encourages students to engage with culturally and politically relevant topics that affect their daily lives while focusing on a specific 21st digital modality (Hashtags, Memes, and Hyperlinking).

Our workshop will focus on how game-based interventions fit within the larger context of digital and media literacy discourse, particularly the risks and rewards of student-powered conversation through content creation.

PBS NewsHour Extra
“Decoding Media Bias” lesson plan and video helps students to discuss how they get their news and the role of media bias. Students will examine how different news outlets report on the same topic and tweet ways in which they have seen media bias using the Twitter handle #DecodingMediaBias
Center for Media Literacy (CML)
Commit2MediaLit! will feature video interviews that capture the excitement and importance of media literacy on the Center for Media Literacy’s YouTube Channel throughout Media Literacy Week. These videos will feature attendees from international MIL meetings in Rome, Sao Paulo, and San Francisco, including U.S. College students taught by Dr. Natasha Casey and Mr. Spencer Brayton at Blackburn College. High school students and college students from Brooklyn College taught by Dr. Belinha De Abreu will also be featured.

Media Power Youth and NH Department of Education
9:00 AM EDT
Manchester, NH
Media Power Youth, in partnership with the NH Department of Education will launch “Real Talk about Media for Teachers,” a series of online professional development offerings for educators to help frame conversations about media and seven critically important health and behavioral topics while encouraging critical thinking about media. At a statewide daylong gathering of NH educators and administrators, Media Power Youth, during a 9:00 AM keynote address, will provide a first glance at this series that will provide educators with expert knowledge on media influence, best practices, and tools for addressing media related behaviors, including bullying and violence, healthy eating and food choices, substance use and abuse, pornography, ethics of media use, appropriate media use in the classroom and social media. The series will go live for NH educators in mid-November.

Media Literacy Week Initiatives

Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC)
Pleasantville, NY

We are hosting two week-long initiatives:

  • A special trailer will be playing in our JBFC Theater in front of approximately 50 screenings of first-run films in our 250-seat theater. The trailer will highlight Media Literacy Week and the JBFC’s Visual Glossary.
  • We are also featuring a special View Now Do Now on the JBFC’s website.
Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society
Cambridge, MA

Every day during Media Literacy Week, the Youth and Media (YaM) team at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University will be on Twitter and Facebook to share tips, topics for discussion, and more from our digital literacy and related resources about online safety, privacy, creative expression, and information quality that can help you navigate connected learning environments and the digital world. Please join in at @YouthandMedia and