2016 Press

Highlights & Press – 2016

Giving kids a voice during election season
How can kids participate during this election season in a healthy, balanced way? Find out from Nickelodeon writer, Jessica Kratt.*

National Media Education Week comes at a perfect time
Listen to Larry Magid discuss how NAMLE Week is happening this year during one of the most important media events in history, which is all the more reason to participate.

You are responsible for what you post, share, maybe even ‘like’
Are we aware of the impact our likes have on our digital footprint? Larry Magid writes about the responsibility we have when we put content on the web.

Barrage of information makes it crucial to choose reliable news sources Where do you get your news? Writer / editor, Gilbert Bailon of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch asks us to carefully “consider the source” as we choose media outlets.

K-12 Digital Citizenship Initiative Targets States
NAMLE is a part of a group of non-profits encouraging students to become digital citizens. Writer Benjamin Herold discusses this important partnership in Education Week.

Presidential campaign sparks concerns about angry online exchanges
Another insightful article by writer Larry Magid, who stresses the importance of a healthy relationship with the media. Magid also mentions the important role of NAMLE in that dynamic.

Media literacy in 2016: Strategies to decipher what is real and what is fake news on your newsfeed
A great article by writer Kelly Moffitt with helpful tips on how we can consume good media vs. all that other stuff out there.

From the coverage of music to politics, Media Literacy Week promotes ethics and balance
Why is it so hip to be a part of NAMLE Week? Chicago Concert Review writer, Andy Argyrakis tells us!

Is Your School Participating in Media Literacy Week?
From the blog, Grant Mamas: mothers collaborating to enhance education,
Alicia Haywood posts about the wonderful opportunity to engage with media literacy during  NAMLE Week.

Talk! with Marie Presents Michelle Ciulla Lipkin NAMLE & US Media Literacy Week

NAMLE partnered with Promax/BDA on five days of guest editorial for their Daily Brief regarding media literacy during MLW (10-31 to 11-4)! This partnership was created to help raise awareness about media literacy with Hollywood media makers, broadcast/cable/streaming networks, news organizations, producers, publicists, promoters, more. See blog posts below.

Media Literacy and the Virtual Watercooler by Cynthia Lieberman, Content Marketing & Media Strategist

Does Media Literacy Need A Makeover? by CMIL’s Sherri Hope Culver

Virtual Graffiti in the Read-Write City by USC Anneberg Lab, Erin Reilly

How the PromaxBDA Promo Pathway Program Opened My Eyes to Media Literacy by Nazy Farkhondeh, Marketing Coordinator, Participant Media


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