Media Literacy Week Events · National Events · November 7th

Teaching Media Literacy with Teaching Tolerance

Event Details:
November 7th, 2:30 PM
Teaching Tolerance
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Event Description:
This live event from Teaching Tolerance will offer practical tips for educators hoping to teach or better understand media literacy. Monita Bell and Cory Collins will address common problems in teaching/understanding media literacy—such as educators not being up to date on the current online landscape, or lack of access to technology—and suggest solutions. Solutions will include our new podcast about digital literacy, The Mind Online. They will also include lessons and resources from our Digital Literacy Framework, which includes K-12 materials that can be used with or without technology, and classroom-friendly videos.

Contact Information:
Lindsey Shelton, Marketing Coordinator:
Twitter: @Tolerance_org, #TeachDigLit
Instagram: @teaching_tolerance, #TeachDigLit

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