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KQED Confirmation Bias Video and Online Discussion

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November 5th, 2018

Event Description:
Have your students (6th-12th) watch the Above the Noise episode on Confirmation Bias and join the discussion with other students from across the country in KQED Learn. KQED Learn is a free, safe, online space where middle and high school students build essential skills in research, collaboration, data analysis and communication. Sign up as a teacher and register you class to join a discussion. Video description: Confirmation bias wants you to stay in your comfort zone. This cognitive bias causes us to seek out opinions we already agree with and dismiss opposing views–regardless of the facts. Confirmation bias and other cognitive biases are part of being human, but they can also make it hard to keep an open mind. How can we train our brains away from cognitive bias?

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Misty McKinney

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